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"Being embodied and in connection with your environment, so that you participate consciously and fully in your life."

Therapie: Citaat

In therapy I focus on health, quality of life and meaning. It is important that someone can feel at home in his- or herself and his/her own body. Especially after adversity, challenging relationships, difficult events, loss, illness and stress. Within therapy we work on discovering and connecting with our own possibilities for change and recovery. I would like to help you find your individual way within this process


As a dance therapist and body-oriented therapist (Registered Somatic Movement Therapist) I mainly work non-verbally. The sessions are therefore mainly experience-oriented and working with the body is central. The body does not lie and tells more than 1000 words ...


In the current period of social distancing, individual sessions can take place online via ZOOM, and also face to face (subject to a distance of 1.5 meters and other security measures) in the Tridance space. Click here for address.

Therapie: Tekst
Therapie: Welkom

For whom?

  • Anyone looking for more quality of life, personal growth and creativity

  • Those who seek help and support with complaints as a result of worrying, negative self-image, burnout, fatigue, trauma, loss, depressed feelings, anxiety, addiction or all kinds of physical and psychosomatic complaints.


Sat on the Rocks


  • Growing self-confidence

  • More peace of mind

  • More self-insight

  • More contact with and awareness of feelings

  • More personal responsibility

  • Improved social contacts

  • Less fear and more happiness

  • Act more freely

  • Greater resolving power

  • More creativity



  • Improved posture

  • More freedom of movement

  • Less muscle tension

  • Reduction of pain complaints

  • Improved overall fitness

  • Experiencing connections in the body

  • Integration of new movement possibility

  • More body awareness

Handen omhoog


  • Improved communication

  • Being able to tune in better with others

  • Being able to indicate own boundaries better

  • Experience more connection with oneself and others

  • Improved social contacts

Therapie: Functies


In an intake interview (introductory session) I tune in to personal needs, and then come up with a proposal for a tailor-made process. The duration of a process and the chosen interventions depend entirely on the person and the question. What does keep coming back is the attention for the body.

Your body and your movements are both a source of information and an entry point for the therapy: how you move and what you experience in your body tells a lot about how you are, feel and think. Your patterns and problems become visible in how you move, which is the starting point for the (change) process. Through the body and in movement you (re) connect with yourself and your environment, you learn to feel and become aware of what is / is not good for you. There is more balance in the body, thinking and feeling.

You don't have to be able to dance or be good at any kind of movement. In the therapy sessions I always tune in to you as a person, what is present in the moment and what becomes visible in the (expression) movement. Which methods and interventions I choose depend on your personality and (help) question. It also looks at what is really important to you in your life and what can support you in this.

Therapie: Tekst

A selection of the teaching methods / methods:

Somatic exercises

ao Bartenieff Fundamentals

Movement analysis

Laban Bartenieff Movement System

Expressive aspects of dance

Express yourself in movement and dance

Relaxation and breathwork

Learning to let go

Flow and ease of movement

Find flow again

authentic movement

moving from your inner self

Resilience exercises

Background as a resilience trainer

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Supportive exercises to find your path


Verbal, in writing, drawing, etc.


Being present in the here and now

Therapie: Functies

Introduction, intake and sessions


  • Free telephone introductory meeting!

  • Introduction / consultation about request for help and whether this therapy is for you.

  • 30 minutes

Online session

  • Until April 15 at a significantly reduced rate:

  • 40 euros per hour (instead of 60)

  • Video calling via the online platform ZOOM (AVG-proof), easy and free to install.

  • Sessions last a maximum of one and a half hours

Face to face session

  • Until April 15 at a significantly reduced rate:

  • 50 euros per hour (instead of 80 euros)

  • In the practice room of Tridance (see below for address)

  • Sessions last a maximum of one and a half hours

Therapie: Diensten
Therapie: Contact

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If you have any questions, would like more information, or make an appointment for a telephone introduction or session, please contact us. This can be done by email, telephone or via this contact form.
You can also see the address for face-to-face sessions here:

Turennestraat 25

6221  AR  Maastricht


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