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Laban Movement analyst, dance therapist,
Somatic Movement Therapist & Educator,
Mindfulness trainer

Over Marieke: Welkom

“There are many things that interest me and that I enjoy.   From a broad interest, I experience a kind of hunger for experiences that can support me to better know and understand myself, my body and movement in general. This could then be translated into “growth” on a professional and personal level, which for me is proportional to the ability to connect more deeply with myself, others and the world around me. Connection is the essence for me, also in my work as a therapist , coach and teacher .”

Over Marieke: Citaat
Over Marieke: Recensies
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Marieke is a joy to work with as she is both compassionate as well as passionate in her approach to working with others.  She is a delightful mix of thoughtful and playful in her teaching and in sharing her knowledge of movement through the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System.  It has been my privilege to work and teach with Marieke in EMOVE's Movement Analysis ISMETA training program.

Karen Studd (co-author of EveryBody is a Body, and coordinator of several LBMS courses)

Marieke is CLMA (Certified Laban Movement Analyst), Registered Dance Therapist (SRVB), and “Registered Somatic Movement Therapist & Educator” through ISMETA. She has used the Laban Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS) in her work as a dance therapist with individuals and groups, performing/choreographic work, movement education for actors, dance education and teaching dance therapy students. Her newest field of application is teaching physiotherapists for  the use of dance interventions in their work. She completed her LBMS training in Berlin at Eurolab in 2009, then assisted in the training and became a teacher at the training. Together with Katharina Conradi she founded EMOVE Institute; a training institute for specialization in LBMS. In addition to her dance and  motion related work she is also a registered Mindfulness Trainer and -lecturer to include the basic training in Mindfulness trainer See True .

Over Marieke: Over

As a driven person who often wants to do everything right, Marieke knows from her own experience what it is like to run past yourself and be strict with yourself. After her burnout In 2007 she studied Mindfulness . This has helped her enormously to find and follow her own path, and to live and work from her passion. Training attention and awareness in a friendly manner is a foundation from which she works. She meditates daily and is passionate about propagating the power of this.

Over Marieke: Over

Number of clients

Work experience present and past

Mindfulness trainer and trainer

founder and teacher in Certificate Training LBMS

Dancer Physiotherapy teacher

Dance therapist and teacher LBMS


Worked as a dance therapist for 10 years

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences

Guest teacher LBMS in creative therapy dance training

Drama School Maastricht

Movement teacher for actors

Kumulus & Kaleidoscope

Dance teacher for children in the context of cultural education

Eurolab Berlin

Teacher LBMS

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Tutor & guest teacher LBMS in Dance Therapy training

Padaris BV

Choreographer and dance teacher for performances with young people

Dance point vzw

Teacher LBMS in summer workshops for dance teachers

Over Marieke: Klanten

Enjoyed education / training

After her basic training as a creative therapist dance and movement, Marieke has followed a lot of courses and training. Here are a few in a row:

  • Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies in Berlin (2 years basic training and 2 years advanced training)

  • Various Master courses and conferences LBMS, ao in Berlin at Eurolab and in Italy at Thymos (with teachers such as Peggy Hackney and Carol-Lynne Moore)

  • Basic mindfulness training, SeeTrue  

  • Follow-up training mindfulness, SeeTrue  

  • Mindful Schools Teacher Trainer Program, SeeTrue  

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Training, SeeTrue  

  • Retreats, SeeTrue

  • Cognitive Psychology for Mindfulness Trainers

  • Tuning in for Mindfulness Trainers

  • Inquiry Intensive, SeeTrue Maastricht

  • Rock and water training (resilience), Gadaku Institute

  • Nonviolent Communication course

  • Workshop Gaga and Batsheva Repertoire in Berlin

  • Modern dance courses and performance groups with, among others, Yvette van der Slik  

  • Various dance therapy in-depth courses, conferences and alumni days, including from the NVDAT and HS  Zuyd

  • All kinds of dance workshops and somatics

Over Marieke: Tekst

Business information

Marieke Delannoy
Van Peltstraat 16
6301 JT Valkenburg LBA
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 648409022
Chamber of Commerce number: 12345678
AGB practice: 90066585
AGB healthcare provider: 90107421
SRVB: no. 104852
Member of NVDAT
Affiliated with the FVB
Member of ISMETA
VMBN cat 1 registration no: 2015612

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