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“Move more freely from your pain.”

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If you suffer from chronic pain, or if you have had pain complaints for a long time, your movement will gradually decrease and with it a bit of joy in life. For many people with pain complaints, exercise has become associated with pain, discomfort and limitations. The body and movement has become, as it were, an enemy where you  from alienated. But that alienates you  unintentionally also from yourself. If you want to breathe new life into the relationship with yourself, your body and your movement, you can do this with  individual sessions  (online or face-to-face),  or in  group lessons  with the program 'Dance Your Free From Pain' .

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In  individual sessions  Attention is paid to the physical, emotional and cognitive relationship with yourself and your body. Marieke always adjusts to individual needs and what is needed from person to person and moment to moment. The sessions include work with dance, music, relaxation, body-oriented exercises in which ease and movement efficiency are paramount, exercises in awareness and Mindfulness, interventions from dance therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. It is not about becoming pain free, but being able to move more freely from your pain. Coordination, flexibility, room to move, possibilities of expression and body awareness increase and you can experience pleasure in moving and being again.

The program 'Dance Your Free From Pain'  consists of 8 or 16 lessons in which you will move your body step by step and in a safe way.  Find your coordination and flexibility by moving slowly to music. Movement alternates with relaxation to beautiful music. Experience this unique form of Dansante Rehabilitation. With this new form of exercise you learn to enjoy moving again, even when there is pain. By letting yourself be carried away by the music and moving inwardly, you can work on your coordination, flexibility, strength, balance, endurance, expression and relaxation. You learn to move more freely from your pain.  Prior knowledge is not necessary. Fun in dancing is paramount!


A new lesson series will be coming soon  are offered by Marieke in Maastricht. keep the  agenda  keep an eye on this website for the new dates, or sign up for the  newsletter  if you want to be kept informed. 

More information about the 'Dance Your Pain Free' Program:

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About Marieke Delannoy

Marieke is a dance therapist, Somatic Movement Therapist, movement analyst and teacher of the “Dansante Physiotherapy” course, from which the program 'Dans Je Vrij Van Pijn' originated.

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