Introduction training in Bartenieff Fundamentals


Bartenieff Fundamentals (BF) is a body-oriented method that focuses on movement and body awareness as a psycho-physical process. Regular practice of BF supports the development of dynamic posture, coordination, flexibility, mobility, kinesthetic awareness and expression. It is an aid in reducing injuries, physical limitations or complaints, but also in learning to deal with stress better.
The goal of BF is to move with ease, efficiency and expression. Not only your body-awareness but also your self-awareness is increased by the connection that is made with the internal process of the movement experience.


Reactions from participants

"I have learned a lot again. My body really feels 'reorganized'"

"I enjoyed a lot and have everything as  intense and profound experience. The way of presentation was pleasant, soft and occasionally humorous, which I liked!"

"The content of the training was very complete and I learned a lot!  The guidance was knowledgeable, warm and interested."

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Irmgard Bartenieff

“Connectedness...  allows the flow, the movement impulse, to pass through the body in such a way that complete activation can be realized most efficiently - without unnecessary exertion and stress.”


This training consists of 20 lessons and is a broad introduction for anyone who wants to get acquainted with Bartenieff Fundamentals. It is also a floor for those who have worked with this before. The knowledge and skills you gain in this training can easily be integrated into your own work with dance, Pilates, but also in any other form of movement.
You will be introduced to different principles of BF, such as dynamic posture, breathing and center support, rotation and developmental motor patterns. These principles support organic, conscious and embodied movement. Included are, among other things, established basic exercises and free movement improvisations. The exercises are supportive for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of movement and dance.
In BF you learn to perceive and train effective and connected movement in the body, to be able to use them in complex three-dimensional and dynamic movement possibilities.


The training is valid as an admission requirement for:
1. the training in the Laban Bartenieff Movement System of EMOVE Institute. For more information, please contact Marieke or  view the website .
2. the Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies course at EUROLAB in Berlin.





Friday          10.30 am to 6.30 pm.
         9.30 am to 5.30 pm.
          9.30 am to 4.30 pm.